Magnetic / Travel Chess Sets

These sets for traveling are mainly magnetic chess sets, and are all crafted from high grade wood. Whether you are traveling or or just off for your holidays, we're sure that you'll be pleased with any of these chess sets, it's merely a matter of choosing which one suits your needs.

5 Inch Round Pegged Sheesham Travel Chess Set - £10.49

Although diminutive, this chess board is is intricately crafted, each of the squares being composed of a separate slice of hardwood, and the beeswax polished rosewood outer case gives the whole package a beautiful sheen.

The pegged chess pieces mean that unless you find yourself in zero gravity, playing chess upside down the pieces will stay put, so it's the perfect set for taking with you to challenge a local on a bumpy backwater train or bus ride.

It's lightweight and compact, and even if you are backpacking through the Himalayas, it won't take up much space, and if someone pinches it, then at this price you won't be too bothered, although you'll probably grown used it, and will miss the joy it brings.

There's not much of anything that you can buy at this price, and the materials alone used to create it make it an absolute bargain.

pegged travel chess set

9 Inch Golden Rosewood Folding Magnetic Travel Chess Set - £39.99

At nine inches, this gorgeous chess set is getting towards the larger size of travel chess sets, but it's still compact enough to qualify as the perfect item for any day pack, suitcase, or travel bag.

It's rich colour, and fine polished lacquer, both of which lead you to forget that it is in fact a magnetic chess set, not just a good looking well crafted small chess board.

It's a bit of an 'in between number', as it's small enough to function as a magnetic travel chess set, yet, it's big and good looking enough to be a permanent fixture on any side, coffee, or occasional table.

rosewood magentic travel

19 Inch Debuit Folding Chess Set - £112.49

For a travel chess set this is a rather expensive top of the range luxury item. With a board at 19 inches it is also a serious players set, and is probably not going to be carried around in many backpacks, as at a weight of 4.5 KG, it would however be a perfect gift for a someone with a caravan, or maybe someone who goes camping a lot and can afford the extra weight.

The reason that the set is so heavy is that this Polish cabinet is crafted from Maple, Birch and Mahogany. And the pieces, are probably the largest of any travel chess set, with the king standing at a regal 4.7 inches, and weighing in at 28 grams.

Whilst this chess set is not going to fit in on flight hand luggage without incurring an excess baggage charge it is nevertheless a great present for someone. Although it could do as a supreme traveling set, it would also be a great gift for someone who loves chess, but likes to keep their treasured chess set stored away for the right moment, and can easily be stored away in many Welsh dressers or similar high quality storage units. Not cheap, but a quality item and a gift to be remembered.

19 Debuit Folding chess set

Apologies - The Items Below Are No Longer Stocked Via Our Original Vendor

12 rosewood magnetic chess set

5 Inch Rosewood Folding Magnetic Chess Set - £23.99

This really is a beautiful mini chess set. It's amazing to see so much craftsmanship crammed into such a small item. Everyone of the chess pieces has been turned to produce miniatures of the classic Staunton style.

As it is a travel chess set, each piece has a tiny magnet inside it, which makes it perfect for practically all modes of travel.

The overall effect of the pieces, and the natural wax polished board make the item that has a good look and feel and is therefore a pleasure to play on. A great little set for the price.

5 folding rosewood meagnetic chess

12 Inch Rosewood Magnetic Chess Cabinet - £44.99

This well crafted solid Golden Rosewood and Boxwood chess set is at the large end of the magnetic travel chess set range, but again, an excellent example of superb quality and craftsmanship.

Lacquered and polished to a medium gloss, the finish brings a superb sense of quality and majesty to this chess set, and an overall feel of quality and distinction.

The Staunton chess pieces are not turned, but carefully carved and polished from the same fine hardwoods that are used to make the cabinet.

Again with this set, you get the portability of a magnetic travel chess set with the playability of a larger chess board. Two for the price of one!

7 Inch Magnetic Round Chess Set With Sliding Door - Out Of Stock

Five star chess set Star Buy - Beautifully crafted travel chess set.

This really is a beautiful chess set. 'Quaint' just doesn't do it justice! Small but perfectly formed it is, but the design is what really sets it apart form other travel chess sets.

It's not just the design though, as delivery of the design has been well thought out to bring you the most exquisite round travel chess set for the price.

The sliding draw with it's sprung ball bearing action is all a bit 'Sherlock Holmes' and this only adds to its appeal. A standout chess set with beautifully matching magnetic Staunton chess pieces, this is a must for all lovers of travel, chess, beauty, and ingenuity.

magnetic round chess set