Luxury Chess sets

If you are looking for a really special gift, then you will get much better than a luxury chess set.

The sets below are made from hardwoods to exacting standards, and this is reflected in their price. All sets are delivered with a certificate of authenticity and none will disappoint.

Byzantine Ebony Chessmen with 21.7 Inch Lacquered Ash Burl Board - £379.94

This set takes it's inspiration from the grandeur of the Byzantine empire which is reflected in the dimensions of the pieces and the soft colorings of the Ash used in the construction of the board. The overall impression of the set is 'lofty', and relaxed, but having said that it's not too laid back, as the veneer created by the meticulous lacquering reminds you constantly of it quality.

With these hand carved pieces, including 4.25 inch Kings, and the distinctive colouring of the board this is a set guaranteed to please.

Byzantine ebony chessmen and ash chess board

Madrid Red Sandalwood and Briar Luxury Chess Set £499.99

This is a very impressive chess set, and with a board at almost twenty four inches wide, it is not a gift that will easily be forgotten. The perfectly finished Briarwood adds to the beautifully contrasting yet complimentary inlaid squares. The Sandalwood chessmen (black) remind you that this set is more than just about chess, it is about aesthetics, and art. Playing a game of chess on this set, and more importantly winning take on a whole different meaning, as although check mate is check mate which ever board you play on, somehow it's different when you win on such a sublimely crafted board. Although not cheap, this board will deliver in more ways than one. Buy it as a gift, and you'll have friend for life.

briarwood madrid chess set

Apologies - The Items Below Are No Longer Stocked By Our Vendor

Supreme Ebony Chessmen with 23.6 Inch Briarwood Chess Cabinet £409.99

Created by quality Italian Chess Manufacturer, Italfama this is an exquisite set that holds forth on the feng shui tenets of beauty and function. The only problem we find with the set is why would you want to hide such well designed solid Ebony and Boxwood chess pieces, as they deserve showing off.

However, if you are inclined to put your chess pieces away then this is a great option, and even if you are not, then we are sure that you can find some other use for the smoothly sliding drawer. And at an unpacked weight of 8.5kg, this really is a substantial chess set.

briarwood cabinet chess set ebony

Sandringham Red Sandalwood Chessmen with Deluxe Wenge Board - £399.99

This really is an example of simplistic elegance, the Maple, Boxwood, Red Sandalwood and Wenge used in it's construction are all top of the range hardwoods. The Sandalwood chessmen really do make a difference, their reddish tone being the most acceptable variation to the black team.

With a board at 23.6 inches, this really is a high quality large chess set that does not shout about about itself, it doesn't need to.

sandringham sandalwod ches set board

Kings Cross Carved Bone Chessmen with 19 Inch Ebony Chess board - £249.99

This combination of chessmen and board has a stunning monochrome effect. The ebony black chessmen perfectly contrast with the ethically sourced camel bone white pieces. The board itself perfectly mirrors the contrast of the pieces and the overall effect is marvelous.

With a King height of 3.75 inches, and a board width of 19 inches, it's also a nice sized combination, and whilst a beautiful set, it doesn't take up too much space. A beautifully contrasted and perfectly formed set.

byzantine ebony ivory chess set board

Sovereign Series Chess Pieces and Luxury Board in Red Sandalwood - £499.99

This really is a stunning set. The lushness of the red sandalwood incorporated in the board is complemented by the subtle complimentary colours of the Sovereign chessmen. With the King at a eight of 3 inches this is not a full sized board, and is perhaps the perfect choice for the occasional chess player who also has an eye for aesthetics.

sovereign sandalwood chess ste board

Sentinel Ebony Chess Pieces with 23 Inch Luxury Four Woods Board - £579.99

This really is a an outstanding set, and particular note must be made of the board which is constructed from four woods; Red Sandalwood, Ebony, Rosewood, Maple, and Boxwood. The pieces too are perfectly formed, and so compliment the board.

As with all sets of this caliber, this one comes with four queens, and a certificate of authenticity from the artisan who created one, if not probably the best, chess set and board combinations of this size.

sentinel ebony chess set board