Chess Set Under £50

A wooden chess set is the perfect gift for for someone who has never played chess before. It's a life enhancing healthy cerebral activity!

16 Inch Olympic Intarsy Folding Set - £47.99

Five star chess set Star Buy - Great Value for money chess set.

It's all here, a sixteen inch folding set with Staunton style pieces. It has lovely beveled edges on the Mahogany and Birch top, which has been constructed from sustainable woods (plantation supplied).

It is finished with a nice subtle stain lacquer, and is a solid set that has been hand-crafted in Europe. For the money you won't get any better than this, as due to its size as it is more than just a travel chess set, although it can be used as such. A great deal.

16 folding olympic chess set

Down Head Knight Academy Staunton Chess Set - £49.99

Yes, that's right, a Walnut board with Staunton pieces for under fifty pounds. And, the materials used in this set also include Maple, Boxwood, and Sheesham (Golden Rosewood). We're not sure exactly how our vendors have managed to put together such a quality bundle at such a reasonable price, but we're very happy about it.

The chess pieces are also weighted, which is another nice touch, and the Kings stand at three inches which is a very respectable height, and made for easy playing.

For the price this set won't be beaten in terms of quality and if it is bought as a gift for someone, they will definitely assume that it cost more than this bargain price. An absolute steal.

7 folding ebony inch chess set

Apologies - The Items Below Are No Longer Stocked By Our Vendor

12 Inch White Wood Folding Chess Set With Staunton Style Pieces - £27.99

For the money this is a basic, but well crafted set constructed from quality materials. At 12 Inches, it is quite a bargain as although a bargain, nevertheless it is is a durable chess set.

The set contains Staunton chess pieces which are solid sheesham and boxwood. For the money, it's actually surprising that it is actually hand crafted in India and is ideal for those who are on a budget but don't want to buy a mass produced Chinese made set.

All in all, the craftsmanship is there as well as the playability afforded by it's size, and the pieces are the icing on the cake. A bargain.

Folding whitewood chess set

10 inch Ebony Folding Chess Set £32.99

At £32.99, this is a great value chess set, you won't get quality woods and craftsmanship at such an an affordable price anywhere else. This is a very popular white wood folding chess design with the luxury of a thick inlaid naturally presented ebony and maple playing surface. The boxwood and ebonised boxwood pieces are stowed in their own plush black flocked compartment inside the cabinet.

Folding 10 inch chess set

13 Inch Pearl Folding Chess Set - £34.99

A subtle European design, this set represents superb value for money. The ornate chess pieces feature wood burning on their bases and there is a classic wood burnt and stained chess board.

At £34.99 it is great value for money as it offers aesthetic appeal, durability, and European provenance. An all round winner.

13 folding ebony inch chess set

14 Inch Ebony Top Folding Staunton Chess Set - £49.99

A fine quality 14 inch board constructed of inlaid Ebony and Maple inlaid playing squares, set in a solid Ebony top.

Sometimes it's quite surprising the value you can get, and this is a great example of how quality can be very affordable. It is naturally polished, and the pieces while being quite sizeable fit neatly into the flock line compartment once the board is folded. Mind you, you won't wanting to be folding this beauty too often.

14 folding ebony inch chess set

7 Inch Ebony, Rosewood And Boxwood Folding Chess Set - £44.99

Small but perfectly formed, this is a beautiful chess set. You may spent a bit more time gawping at it's elegance and sublime craftsmanship than playing on it if you're not careful.

Skillfully constructed from three hardwoods, if size is not an overriding imperative for you, and you do want a folding chess set, then this is a great choice.

It's built to last, and it really does look great.

7 folding ebony inch chess set

16 Inch Staunton Style Tournament Chess Set £49.99

This sixteen inch folding chess board is weighted with Staunton chess pieces. The contemporary design of board has alpha numeric notation. This chess set is very heavy for its size and has been finished off to an excellent standard.

It is a very attractive wooden chess set that has been hand crafted in Europe by the nationally celebrated Polish Chess Company.