Chess Set £50 - £99

The chess sets featured on this page are reasonably priced and a great gift idea for a chess lover.

7 Inch Ebony, Rosewood And Boxwood Folding Chess Set - £54.99

Small but perfectly formed, this is a beautiful chess set. You may spent a bit more time gawping at it's elegance and sublime craftsmanship than playing on it if you're not careful.

Skillfully constructed from three hardwoods, if size is not an overriding imperative for you, and you do want a folding chess set, then this is a great choice.

It's built to last, and it really does look great.

7 folding ebony inch chess set

18 Inch Club Folding Chess Set £59.99

This 18 inch Club chess set is another fine example from the talented and internationally renowned Polish chess producers. The chess board has clean lines and a smooth tactile feel to it as do the polished chessmen. It is a large chess set fashioned in the classic European style with contemporary Staunton chess men that have a distinct European feel to them. This is definitely an elegant set that represents very good value for money.

18 inch folding board

Apologies - The Items Below Are No Longer Stocked By Our Vendor

19 Inch Staunton Style Tournament Chess Set - £69.99

This is a solid chess ensemble. The board is a hefty 19 inches, and the pieces are made of weighted solid wood. Hand crafted in Poland, the contemporary design is is very simple, precise and clean.

The squares are inlaid, and the board edges have alphanumeric positioning markers. Made from Birch and Mahogany, the boards materials will give it a long lifetime.

The pieces are Number 5 Staunton, which means that the King is 3.7 Inches, and the Pawns measure 1.8 Inches. Overall this board provides a highly playable size, matched with good looks and the convenience of fold-ability, and for £69.99, is very good value.

19 staunton chess set

Art Deco Chess Pieces with 15 Inch Solid Sheesham & Maple Board £85.99

This set is a fine example of where classical meets contemporary. A very stylish and unique looking chess set combination. The Art Deco Sheesham chessmen are an excellent companion to our the 15 Inch solid Sheesham (Golden Rosewood) and Maple cross corner chess board. Both pieces and board have a similar finish and being made from the same Sheesham hardwood, are very well colour matched. This is probably one of the more unique chess sets on offer.

art deco chess set