Chess Set £100 to £200

The wooden chess sets on this page are of a high quality of craftsmanship, yet they are of exceptionally good value.

19 Inch Debuit Folding Chess Set - £112.99

Weighing 4.5 KG unpacked, this really is a substantial chess set. But despite is weight, it is a still a marvelously crafted piece of work, constructed from Maple, Birch an Mahogany.

The King stands at a royal 4.7 inches, and this makes it probably the best of folding chess sets, that retains a feeling of craftsmanship despite its size.

This is one of those sets that can be put away easily but it usually isn't, because it's practically piece of furniture, and it will probably last longer than the average chesterfield.

An impressive piece at a reasonable price.

19 debuit chess set

Victoria Sheesham Chessmen with 21.7 Inch Deluxe Walnut Board - £119.92

Five star chess set Star Buy - Great value for money elegant and sizeable board.

A beautifully crafted high quality medium to large chess piece and board combination at an extremely very affordable price. The pieces themselves are styled in a very traditional manner, quite similar to the original Staunton style that is so favoured with many chess players.

The Sheesham Victoria series double weighted Chessmen compliment the yellow-red colouring of our deluxe Walnut Veneer chess board very nicely. The board is manufactured in Spain to the highest standards and provides the perfect playing palette for the pieces. It is a distinct set that will never look or feel out of place.

victoria sheesham chess set

Broadbase Rosewood Chessmen with 23.6 Inch Deluxe Wenge Board - £169.99

Five star chess set Star Buy - Not the cheapest in the price range, but the best value for money set in terms of size, materials, and craftsmanship.

The 4 inch Broadbase Staunton chessmen are married perfectly with this clean contemporary wenge chess board. The chess pieces have been expertly crafted from solid rosewood, double weighted and felted. They are classical Staunton and have been sourced from the the worlds premium chess house where quality and excellence are abundant.

The polished rosewood chess pieces are the main feature of this luxury chess set. The 23 inch board has been finely crafted from veneers of wenge and maple to the highest possible standards. The board has a matt finish which lends to it's understated contemporary look and diverts little attention away from the supreme quality chessmen that sit proudly upon it.

If you are looking for a large luxury chess set that combines traditional with modern this set should certainly be one of your choices. No compromises have been made in terms of quality and materials, the result is extremely satisfying.

wenge rosewood set board

Lotus Flower Sheesham Chessmen with 23 Inch Sheesham Chess Board £189.99

The richly grained Sheesham 23 inch Chess board, is complimented by the Lotus Flower Sheesham (Golden Rosewood) Chessmen. When you get to this level of aesthetic appeal it's hard to keep your eye on the game!

lotus flower sheesham chessman board

Apologies - The Items Below Are No Longer Stocked By Our Vendor

Atlantic Series Rosewood Pieces 20 Inch Rosewood Board and Case - £169.99

A superb deal that combines our Atlantic Series 3.75 inch Rosewood and Boxwood Pieces with our 20 inch Rosewood Cross Corner Board. Also included is our Rosewood Chess Piece Cabinet with Sliding Lid.

atlantic series rosewodd set board

Old English Elite Ebonised Chessmen with 21.7 Inch Wenge Board £199.99

A great combination at a great price. Our ebonised boxwood Old English Elite pieces have the same beautiful lines as the rest of the series, but offer value being constructed from ebonised boxwood. The slightly softer sheen of ebonised boxwood suits the satin finish of our superb Wenge board, creating a chess set combination that looks incredibly contemporary but with classic Staunton elegance. A superb luxury bundle that will provide years of pleasure - and doesn't break the bank!

wenge old english set board

Oxford Series Ebonised Chessmen with 21.7 Inch Deluxe Wenge Board £124.99

The Oxford series Staunton chessmen are tall and elegant. Crafted from graded boxwood to extremely high production standards, double weighted and perfectly balanced. These stunning chessmen feature a 3.75 inch king and they adorn the 21.7 inch chess board with perfect scale and proportion. The polished chessmen sit proudly upon the smooth satin backdrop of the wenge and maple board. Both board and pieces have been crafted to exacting standards of perfection. More

oxford ebonised wenge chess set board

Cannon Series 20 Inch Golden Rosewood Chess Board £104.99

This is a great combination, a Cross-Corner Golden Rosewood chess board, and the unmistakable Cannon Series chess pieces. A perfect set.

canon series 20 inch