Chessboards Over £100

Apologies - The Items Below Are No Longer Stocked Via Our Original Vendor

Our most expensive chess boards are indeed luxury items. A chess board in this section is one that will happily sit on an occasional table next to a Steinway, or any other piano for that matter! If you are looking for top end luxury chess boards, you won't get better looking chess boards than these, and they are also a gift that once given, will not be forgotten.

23.6 Inch Briarwood and Elm Chess Cabinet with Drawer £319.99

Five star chess set Despite the price tag - an exceptional cabinet board.

If you board needs replacing but you can't bear to part with your current pieces, then this is a perfect and very luxurious choice. An Italian model from Italfama it is a traditional board in style, and well crafted for a long playing life. It has a subtle satin lacquered finish, the Briarwood and Elm squares complimenting the cabinet casing and its drawers are suitable for King pieces of three and a half inches.

Whilst not at the cheaper end of the scale, you do get what you pay for, and this is no exception.

23 Inch Briarwood Elm Chess Cabinet

Luxury Ebony and Maple 19 Inch Chess Board £149.99

A chess board of this quality is hard to find, the materials used to create such a quality board are the finest ebony and maple to create a beautifully contrasted piece.

As to be expected, the craftsmanship is matched by the board's finish, which will ensure its longevity.

19 inch luxury ebony maple chess board

Solid Rosewood 23 Inch Cross Corner Chess Board - £159.99

Another stunning large item for our luxury chess boards section, this one features cross corners, and is beautifully constructed from rosewood and boxwood.

Now all you have to think about is a decent set of pieces to match the quality.

23 inch rosewood cross corner chess board

Luxury Ebony and Maple 23 Inch Chess Board - £199.99

Its hard to get chess boards of this size so well constructed and of such high grade ebony and maple, which is reflected in its price.

A solid chess board, this is one gift that will not be forgotten, or if it is for yourself, you must have done something good to deserve this!

23 inch luxury ebony maple chess board

23.6 Inch Black and Maple Deluxe Chess Board £114.99

A Spanish crafted board from Rechapados Ferrer, this is a well made full size contemporary board. This board is all about the contrasts of the high grade veneer inlays, and the fine line detailing that set it apart from more traditional boards. The jet black and contrasting light maple squares are as near as you can get to full monochrome, but that would not be a stylish as this.

Finished off with a veneered grey wood base for the money you won't get any better than this, and is a perfect match for four inch King pieces.

23 Inch Maple Black Chess Board

Double Sided Profile Luxury 20 Inch Red Sandalwood Chess Board - £159.99

As chess boards go, this one has added value, it is double sided, so in the unlikely event that it does become marked, you have another perfect side to play on.

You will not get better value for money, or such a stunning looking board for this price.

23 inch rosewood cross corner chess board